PNOinsurance has built a reputation over more than three decades for being a trustworthy, dynamic and critical business partner.


The PNO team provides independent industry expertise, service excellence and commercially minded solutions designed to protect business.


what differentiates PNO from its competitors?



The PNO team understands the intricacies of every client’s business. PNO has experts who talk the specific language of the construction, transport and professional service industries. In doing so, they make the insurance process quicker and smoother and create better outcomes.



PNO delivers industry expertise, quick response times and exemplary service. The long tenure of the PNO team, means they know their clients well, have heightened interest and care, resulting in consistent and reliable service for all its valued business partners.



At PNO, the team share a wealth of broad commercial backgrounds from business ownership to experience in finance. This experience overlayed with technical insurance knowledge creates strengthened commercial outcomes for all PNO clients. PNO provides insurance solutions and recommendations that above all, make commercial sense for business owners.



As a boutique, self-licensed insurance broker, PNO is not tied to any insurance company or underwriting agent. Whilst remunerated by clients and insurers, PNO’s priority is to be resolute advocate for its clients.



our approach


A new employee of PNO Insurance fast learns the company’s mantra, “understanding first, insurance second”, which sums up the distinctive PNO approach.


The PNO team prides itself on investing time with clients to truly understand the details of their business, market risks and unique industry risks. This insight enables PNO to make considered, smart and commercial recommendations for its clients.


PNO’s expertise extends beyond by helping identify, minimise and manage risks and ultimately deliver security and peace of mind.








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